My Gym Mommy Treats Me Like A Kid! [v1.0.0] By Peach Punch!

Peach Punch! Games released a new game called My Gym Mommy Treats Me Like A Kid! and the version is 1.0.0. The game’s story is about You playing as Daisuke Sato, an average salaryman who gets offered the chance of a lifetime: a membership at the highly exclusive, ultra-posh Silver’s Gym! But things take a dark turn when you are laughed at and humiliated by the other members, tall muscular girls who look down on weak men like you. In your time of need, however, you meet with Minami Nakayama, a soft-spoken and motherly mature woman with the body of a yoga instructor. She will ease your pain and soothe your soul, but what are her true intentions? How far are you willing to go to please Minami? Will you end up giving in to your vulnerable side and finally call her…Mommy?​

Developer:Peach Punch!
File Size:463.8 MB
OS:Windows, Linux
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Developer Notes:

  • About two hours of story to be read through (~35 000 word count)
  • 3 different endings, depending on your level of submission
  • 4 fetish-centered scenes (no sex but domination undertones)
  • 4 H-scenes
  • Your chance to become a very good boy

My Gym Mommy Treats Me Like A Kid! takes place in the grander Muscle Maidens universe, and is a work of pure fiction. In this universe of espionage and intrigue, you are more likely to come across muscular, capable and dangerous women who will expect varying degrees of submission from you.

This visual novel explores female domination themes without reversal. In the story, the following femdom-related interests/flavors will be explored: light humiliation, light bondage, light muscle worship, teasing and denial, nursing handjob, thigh job, footjob, and M on F sex while working out.

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