My Future Wife [Ep. 4 v1.30] By InsanErotica

InsanErotica Games released a new game called My Future Wife and the version is Ep. 4 v1.30. The game’s story is about Do you believe in time travel? If you don’t, let me tell you my story. Well, I was 18 years old and I was in my last year in high school. The special thing about me was that I could travel… 30 seconds into the future. I didn’t know why. It just started to happen when I masturbated the very first time. When I stared at anything without blinking (at that time, I focused on the girl’s boobs when I was watching porn), I could see what would happen in the next 30 seconds (my mom would open the door without knocking).

Well, I couldn’t cheat on any tests or become rich by lottery or anything with just only 30 seconds into the future. One day, Ha-Young Kim, a girl in my class, asked me if she could become a great singer in the future. I motivated her, trying to be cool. But after I looked into her eyes for some seconds, I saw myself 7 years in the future. And wow! Ha-Young would become my wife. But… The future is so fragile. It could be changed with just a small mistake…​

File Size:1003.7 MB
Version:Ep. 4 v1.30
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

ep4 v1.30

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Developer Notes:

In My Future Wife – Episode 04, you can choose to play as the MC (Karl Koestler) or as Ha-Young Kim:

The MC (Karl Koestler)’s routes:

  • Harem Route: Depending on choices, the MC will have to choose only one girl or will be able to live with all of them at the end of the story.
  • Sharing Route: The MC shares Ha-Young with other men and couples.
  • NTR Route: The MC knows Ha-Young cheat on him behind his back.

Ha-Young Kim’s routes:

  • Romance Route: Ha-Young stays faithful to Karl.
  • Swinging Route: Ha-Young and Karl participate in swinging parties with other couples.
  • Corruption Route: Ha-Young sells her body for her career.

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Ep. 2 (v0.10)

Ep. 1 (v0.5)

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