Monster Girl 2 + DLC [Final] By JKsoft

JKsoft Games released a new game called Monster Girl 2 + DLC and the version is Final. The game’s story is about As a casual puzzle game, it is perfect for training your observation. In the game, there are numerous hidden spots on the character’s accessories and background. You need to spot 7 to 10 differences in each stage to complete the mission.​

File Size:2.21 GB
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Developer Notes:

Role Introduction ButterflyThe girl named Yingtai who met in the garden was struggling to find her lost memory and her lifelong pursuit. Qing &Bai The blue and white sisters who came to chat up next to the West Lake, the old bridge in rainy days, held up an oil-paper umbrella. This scene seems to have been seen somewhere

Ling The scars on the unidentified zombie that came to you from the mass grave seem to tell her tragic pastCat The cat demon girl who suddenly broke into your room at night, with her nimble eyes staring at you under the bright moonlight. Ling Shan It seems that the girl in ancient costume who met in the strange world can know more about the secret of the demon master from her

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