Midnight Sin [v0.3.1] By Faerin

Faerin Games released a new game called Midnight Sin and the version is 0.3.1. The game’s story is about This is a tech release of Faerins latest game Midnight Sin. You play as the bodyguard to a mother and her three beautiful daughters. You live in a lavish mansion with the family and have to protect them from harm, whilst also breaking down the barriers that they have put up. Each girl has a different personality and you will have to navigate these to get closer to them.​

File Size:1.10 GB
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Game Version Changelog:

Midnight Sin V0.3.1
• Added all default dialogs for Victoria.
• Added open dialog for Victoria.
• Added 3 new events to Victoria’s boxing event chain.
• Added a new event to Victoria’s sunbathing event chain.
• Added a new event for Victoria’s chore event chain.
• Added the fetish store to the mall (just a teaser). UI/gameplay
• Added an achievement for maxing all three stats.
• Updated the overall progress to include memories.
• Added all new paper-doll and avatar animations for Victoria.
• The HI quest is now repeatable (after meeting Annabelle).

• Bugfixes
• The workout outfit is now removed from your inventory after you give it to Annabelle.
• Fixed a bug causing Madeline’s stats to be too high.
• Fixed a bug causing background music to play multiple times.

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