Marooned and Emasculated [v12.5.22] By robtbo

robtbo Games released a new game called Marooned and Emasculated and the version is 12.5.22. The game’s story is about M+E is a High Adventure RPG Maker MV RPG featuring Amazonian women in charge. The focus is advancing through the main story by battling, developing NPC relationships and puzzle solving. Bonus content will include alternate endings and optional storylines. You and your brothers find yourselves shipwrecked on an uncharted island populated by curiously healthy females.

You jump through their hoops and experience their superior feminine power trying to obtain opportunities and materials to repair your ship and return to your lives. During your journey you will discover secrets of these hidden islanders and become entangled in their lives and politics. Will you keep focused on escape or get in deeper?

File Size:379MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Maps of various areas traveled through and characters met
  • Cutscenes with EXHAUSTIVE (or just exhaustING) World-building exposition
  • Interactions and battle/practice with Aesphyxia, the Throneroom Guard
  • Introduced a number of learned game mechanics, Submit, Evade/Counter and Struggle

Developer Notes:

I’m an enthusiast and hobbyist creating this in my spare time. The initial in-development release took about 2 months as I began creating with only my 3DCG experience and no RPG Maker MV experience. There was a significant learning curve to produce something from the platform which wasn’t overly choppy and seizure-inducing, based on the imagery I wanted to use. This is also my first time at dedicating myself to producing multiple animations, but the goal shouldn’t call for anything that some trial and error can’t accomplish to my satisfaction. I ain’t Pixar.

I do not plan on any major overhauls, regardless of what I learn during this process. The story is an idea I came up with specifically to accomodate the completion of the work. I hope my love for EPIC adventure doesn’t interfere with my intention to keep this project relatively small and focused on a limited number of the types of endings I already have in mind. The antagonist in the first release will not be representative of all the women NPC’s. While I do enjoy ridiculously muscular women, I very much appreciate a wide variety of shapes. The female NPC’s will, however all share the aspect of physical superiority over the main character(s) in strength and ability…

usually height and size as well. The MC will remain the first character you name in the game. At this point, I do not plan on the MC’s brothers having much storyline focus other than providing varying points of view from their archetypal development and providing necessary skills they will develop to drive the plot forward to the endings. If you come across bugs, typo’s or anything that seems super-clunky I’m eager to address it and get better. I’m also concerned about the length and depth of some of the exposition. I think I might be too wordy, but some people enjoy it as a way to immerse. Feel free to weigh in.

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