Mannequin Academy [v1.35] By Aedian Glair

Aedian Glair Games released a new game called Mannequin Academy and the version is 1.35. The game’s story is about In a worid where ones standing in life is determined by sccondary gendcr, Aura Moonbell is born an Omega the weakest link in the societal chain ruled by Alphas and Betas. After reaching maturity and having to leave the orphanage that he grew up in, there’s nowhere for him to go excepta marriage house -a facility wheree hed eventually get wed to a stranger and spend the rest of his life confined to a cage of a loveless houschold.

Just when all hopc sccms to be lost, Aura is bcing offered a scholarship in a prestigious Mannequin Academy, an institution that strives to provide the best education for promising students of all genders and backgrounds. But the Academy is no simple school. Remodelcd after scrving as living quarters for actors ncarly twenty ycars ago, it stands in the shadow of an old theatre – or whats left of it, after numerous miseries fell upon the building in the past. Miseries that, for some reason, continuc until now..

Developer:Aedian Glair
File Size:606.7 MB
OS:Windows, Linux
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Game Version Changelog:

Development log

Developer Notes:


  • 189,000+ words (and counting)
  • 25 characters with sprites
  • 5 main romanceable characters
  • Beautiful backgrounds
  • Numerous CGs
  • Omegaverse worldbuilding
  • Original OST by ashesborn

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