Luna in the Lewd Lost City [Final] By Ofuro Works

Ofuro Works Games released a new game called Luna in the Lewd Lost City and the version is Final. The game’s story is about This is an RPG about a girl who explores the ruins of a city, with an exclusive focus on fighting and rape. Use the full-auto progression function to enjoy a hands-free experience.​

Developer:Ofuro Works
File Size:660.3 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

Developer Notes:


  • *Auto-progression during non-field play (Manual control available)
  • *No game overs due to losing battles
  • *H-scenes play during battles
  • *Defeat the area boss to move onto the next area

Full Version Contents Ver1.10

  • *Standard HCG: 54 images
  • *Battle H scene types: 54 types (All enemies have unique battle H scenes)
  • *Free Battle: Available
  • *Cheat items: Available (Please see additional text for more details)
  • *OP: Only 30 seconds long, so you can enjoy the story right away
  • *Recollection Room: You can visit here as soon as you start the game, and use a switch to set all areas to ‘cleared’.

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