Loser [v0.10.00] By Night City Productions

Night City Productions Games released a new game called Loser and the version is 0.10.00. The game’s story is about Story Overview: Nathan was sent to jail for cyber crimes his best friend committed and tried to blame on Nathan. After a year, his best friend was caught, and confessed to everything, allowing Nathan to return home. Welcome home.

Developer:Night City Productions
File Size:3.45 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


So, I’ve finally gotten this update more or less finished. I’m gonna give it one more day to cook (bug hunt) But then I’m gonna release it. Here’s a pre-emptive changelog.

What’s New ?

  • New Becky Archtype: Precarious
  • New Gina Archtype: Girlfriend
  • New Diane Archtype Path: Scorned Mother -> Resigned Mother(5 star)
  • New Diane Archtype Path: Resigned Mother(5 star) -> Scorned Mother
  • New Diane Archtype Path: Resigned Mother-> Cosmopolitan Mother(5 star)
  • New Character Feature: Livestreaming
  • New Character Action: Date
  • New Inventory Screen
  • New Wardrobe Screen
  • Improved Item Tooltips
  • New Interaction Functionality
  • New Save Engine
  • New AT Functionality: Delayed Change
  • New Character Stat: Grades
  • New Becky Outfit: Skinsuit
  • New Tags: Oblivious & Bimbo
  • New Functionality: Clothing Auto Change
  • Inventory Access: Nathan’s House
  • Under the hood: Pretty much a whole new engine

What’s New?

  • New Becky AT
  • New Diane AT
  • Diane Sex Minigame
  • New System: Scaleable Actions
  • New System: Passive Income
  • New System: Social Media Profile
  • New System: Room Upgrades
  • New System: Spy Cams
  • New Scaleable Action: Park Cleanup
  • New Scaleable Action: Profile Hacking
  • New Scaleable Action: Daytrading
  • New Passive Income: Stocks
  • New Passive Income: Video Hosting
  • New Social Media Profile: Becky
  • New Spy Cam Location: Beckys Bedroom
  • Expanded Tech Skill
  • New Skill: Hacking (early WIP)
  • Refactored Schedule Engine
  • Lot’s of New Topics

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