Lilith Fetish ABDL [v0.11.1] By Lilith Fetish ABDL

Lilith Fetish ABDL Games released a new game called Lilith Fetish ABDL and the version is 0.11.1. The game’s story is about It’s a visual novel game with adult ABDL, diaper wet and few messy, ageplay, BDSM, sexual theme content. You must be 18+ to play this game.The game describes characters that are all 18+ and are consenting in all their acts. The gender of the main character is not define and if there is a dialogue that says so it’s a mistake made by me or a character that wil speak to you as a gender she/he choose.​

Developer: Lilith Fetish ABDL
File Size:199.8 MB
OS:Windows, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Update 0.11 :

This one is focus on The Ruru game to add 2 new hidden ending :

  • Shibari bad ending : 1 CG duo characters with ropes with 8 alts
  • Baby romper bad ending : 1CG taking temperature (10 alts) 2 different path :
  • Enema (messing warning) (9alts)
  • Plug (7 alts)

Developer Notes:

I work everyday on this patreon to provide content for the ABDL community. I usually make 1 post a day, 6 days per week. I communicate a lot on the Discord server on the work I’m currently doing and the uptades you can expect.

High Resolution (at least 10 pieces per month).
 I post here the pics in high resolution. There are patreon requests, pics from the suggestion pool, quickies when I want to experiment something, game CGs.

Variations/Alts. I do variations for the high resolution pics in general : wet diaper, messy diaper, different expressions, exposed chest, some more baby accessoires (bib, pacifier, mittens) I like to make alts and I try my best to have them compatible with each other. I can create a lot of different content with one pic (I will make some of the variations public after a period of 3 to 4 months)

Caption comics (1 per week). Every week, I make a poll so you can decide which one from the last pics I posted will be in a caption comic. I like to add a background and create a little story of 4 to 8 pages (I also like to add more variations for the alts if I think the story needs something that I haven’t drew yet in variations). I also always do a messy alt on the caption comic. (I will make some of the caption comics public after a period of 3 to 4 months)

Game (1 per month). Once a month, I do an update on the Sofia’s Secret game project. It’s an erotic visual novel where you are the caracter that meets Sofia (an ABDL naughty girl). This update can be a new chapter, a mini game, a de-bugged chapter… Since I work with alone on the game (illustration, coding, writting…) it takes a lot of time and a lot of work, and I really want to thank the Discord Team that helps me with the story, the grammar corrections and the de-bugging. The idea here is to train for the next project that will be a game with a lot of characters and interactions. I experiment a lot like in the Dark Magician patch and the game within the game. As a patron you can play the game 2 patches early.

Mega pack of the month (1 per month). I post a pack of the month in a rar file (or more) with all the drawings of the last month + sketch or lineart + new exclusive NSFW alts (exemple cum, toys new expressions, bdsm gears) + The PSD file so you can create your own pics and choose what you want in term of alts. I try my best to make all the alts compatible, + BDSM stuff that I do for my BDSM patreon.

Suggest your character. You have access to a suggestion server in the Discord where you can post a character and a reference and during the live stream session or during a special event, I pick your suggestions and draw them. I usually take the idea that I feel the most confident with and take in
consideration if someone has never been choosen.

Private live stream (2 per month). All my patrons can come and see me draw, so if you are not affraid of my french accent when I speak english you are very welcome. In general, the first one is in the midle of the month and the second one in the end of the month.

Game Images & Screenshots

Claire’s Nursery


Sofia’s Secret

ABDL Idol Manager Mod (More Info)

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