Lewdybucks! [Final] By kimochi

kimochi Games released a new game called Lewdybucks! and the version is Final. The game’s story is about I’m Tiff, your boss. “Today is your first day alone, as I’ll be setting of on a vacation. I’m sure you know how a cafe works, but if you need any idea of what you’ll be doing, you’re going to be making drinks! Make drinks for the customers that come in, do well and the regulars will start to like ya. Do enough drinks well, the rating of the cafe will go up, and then I personally will reward you!~”​

Developer: kimochi
File Size:78.0 MB
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Developer Notes:

Meet the girls!

  • Tiff is your boss! Shes the manager and owner of the cafe ‘Lewdybucks’! Do your job well and she’ll reward you.
  • Sydney (Design inspired by youtube Sydsnap) is your typical cheapskate, never too bothered about flashing her boobs for a quick and easy drink.
  • Jules is a schoolgirl, you work at her favourite cafe now. Shes good friends with Tiff and bernice!
  • Bernice (Bercicst) Is a Twipst/Twitch streamer! Kinda bitchy but has a submissive side she never shows on stream.
  • Sheila is A massively shy leapoard girl, always stuttering her words. Deep down though, shes a secret submissive nympho.
  • Fayola is a CEO of a massive unamed company. Friends with Sydney who is basically only friends with her because she is rich beyond words. Fayola is a mermaid inspired character, thats where she gets her blue skintone from!

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