League of ToxiS [v0.5.0] By SaltySai

SaltySai Games released a new game called League of ToxiS and the version is 0.5.0. The game’s story is about An Rpg parody of League… with femdom and maledom elements.​

File Size:277.0 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:


When visiting the forest interact with the Katarina in your way, after that turn the heck back.
Fighting anyone in the forest might break the game, I’ll be removing the forest section next update thanks!!!

  • Added Katarin route with 5 scenes including mini-battles.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Removed fight requirement before routes start.
  • Removed Required Gwen Battles to speed up prologue before


  • N/A

Developer Notes:

Thanks for considering supporting me 😉

  • SaltySai has been active since 6/8/2019.
  • Thank you for keeping this page alive!
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