Last Devil [v1.1.4 + 4.0] By Sand Traveler

Sand Traveler Games released a new game called Last Devil and the version is 1.1.4 + 4.0. The game’s story is about a Roguelite action shooting game. You will play the role of the Last Devil, the savior of demons, responsible for the survival and continuation of the demon race. You will leave your castle bravely, and set foot on the battlefield to find your way to survive. Use your special abilities and charms of your lower body to capture different tribes, personalities, and fetish traits to assist your character to protect the demons.​

Developer:Sand Traveler
File Size:1.26 GB
Version:1.1.4 + 4.0 
game details

Game Version Changelog:

1. In Hell Mode, the special room
2. Increased chance of encountering treasure chest bosses.
3. Reduced cost of the Wishing Pool.
4. Reduced cost of carrying a partner into battle.
5. Charlotte’s damage coefficient increased.
6. Reduced cost of making out with the heroine.

v1.1.4 + v2.0b
Added Unity v2.0b
Added RPGM v1.1.4

Developer Notes:

Gameplay Controls

  • 【WASD】 Move
  • 【LMB】 Normal Attack
  • 【RMB】 magic shield
  • 【F】 Interact/open
  • 【Space】 sprint
  • 【E】 Block skill (need to be unlocked)
  • 【R】 Blessing (need to be unlocked)
  • 【Q】 place a bomb

Game Images & Screenshots

RPGM v1.1.4


Unity v5.0

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