Knightess Rebecca – The Path of Loyalty [Final] By Heisendou

Heisendou Games released a new game called Knightess Rebecca – The Path of Loyalty and the version is Final. The game’s story is about The prince of a small kingdom, Prince Falold, was sent off to study in the great schools of a massive empire. But he wasn’t studying so much as being held hostage… Not only that, but the king is sick, and a power vacuum could tear the kingdom apart. It’s up to Rebecca to rescue the prince and bring peace back to her land. Along the way, she’ll encounter dozens of perverts who want a crack at her body…​

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Developer Notes:

Character Rebecca One of Prince Falold’s personal guards. Her family, the House Rizsn, is well-regarded even among the other noble houses of the kingdom. Her ability is just as impressive as her status, however, so she’s often given important tasks. She has pledged eternal loyalty to Prince Falold. Despite her straightforwardness and honestly, she can be a bit clumsy at times. As she has very little experience with men, she’s completely unaware of her own physical charms.

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