Kiss My Camera [v0.1.7] By Crime

Crime Games released a new game called Kiss My Camera and the version is 0.1.7. The game’s story is about is an animated free-to-play porn studio simulator where you meet many famous fandom waifus with their unique personalities​

File Size:147.9 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • 5 new characters
  • 2 new sex scenes
  • Patreon benefits
  • Action zones
  • Scene customization
  • Futa support

Developer Notes:

Kiss My Camera is an animated parody porn studio simulator where you meet many famous fandom characters with their unique personalities. It is free to play and made for the web, so you can play it right now in your browser just by following the game link:
There’s also an offline local version of the game, download links below

The game is free to play, but you will get additional content and gameplay features by subscribing to Patreon tiers


  • Visual Novel storytelling, choices
  • Interactive physically-based lewd scenes
  • Mini-games affecting the stories

Available Features:

  • Everything is animated in 60fps
  • One-click accessibility in browser
  • Any device support
  • Realtime body physics simulation
  • Characters customization – over 50 clothes and body shape
  • 10 characters to play with
  • Online progression saving
  • Futa support
  • Body interact zones
  • Scene customization

Planned Features:

  • 50+ characters
  • Physical drag
  • Collectable clothes
  • Personality, abilities mechanic
  • Soft body physics
  • Film production mechanic
  • Male characters
  • Realtime fluid simulations
  • Meta pregnancy/workout mechanics
  • Story editor
  • And lots of other game mechanics and physical interactions

Please consider subscribing to one of the Patreon tiers, I need your financial support to bring all the game mechanics and technology to life and hire great artists to make one of the best 2D porn simulator in our lovely industry

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