Katie’s Diary [Ch. 4] By Skylar Reign

Skylar Reign Games released a new game called Katie’s Diary and the version is Ch. 4 . The game’s story is about Katie’s Diary is a game of love, lust, and passion. It follows Katie as you make choices that will change her life forever. Told through her diary entries, readers will experience Katie’s most intimate thoughts and feelings. What will you write in her diary? This game aims to present you with a multifaceted and branching storyline, immersive characters, and a lot of freedom with meaningful choices. And lots of passionate scenes and scenarios as well!

Developer:Skylar Reign
File Size:117.4 MB
Version:Ch. 4
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter Four Changelog.

  • 20k+ Words.
  • 289 New Passages.
  • 35 Images.
  • 10 Scenes.
    • TomxKatie (Love Route).
    • TomxKatie (Pimp Route).
    • EvelynxKatie.
    • NoraxWoman (Voyeur).
    • Katie Masturbation.
    • AndrexKatie (Love route).
    • OnlySnaps Andre (Pimp Route).
    • AndrexJamar (Pimp Route).
    • OnlySnaps Photoshoot (Violet).
    • VioletxKatie OnlySnaps.
  • 22 Diary Entries (Chapter Endings).
  • Extras
    • VioletxJamar
  • Credit List Updated.
  • UI Font Updated.

Chapter Three Changelog :

  • 18k+ Words.
  • 224 New Passages.
  • 39 Images.
  • 7 Scenes.
    • TomxKatie (Love Route).
    • TomxKatie (Pimp Route).
    • NoraxKatie.
    • AndrexKatie Sexting (Love route).
    • AndrexKatie OnlySnaps Request (Pimp route).
    • VioletxKatie.
    • OnlySnaps Photoshoot (Violet).
  • Added Extras Section. These scenes expand the world of Katie’s Diary, naughty scenes from other female characters’ perspectives.
    • VioletxAndre
  • 16 Diary Entries (Chapter Endings).
  • Image stylization overhaul.
  • Compressed Images (Which is why the smaller file size).
  • Credit List Updated.
  • Fixed typos and other issues.

Developer Notes:

Katie’s Diary is my first game, and I am dipping my toes into game development. As I stated in the overview, I plan to give you a story-driven game, which means a lot of text, so get a coffee, your favorite beverage, or more tissues/lube. I have done my best not to force you into scenes or routes as of now, there will only be one path forced upon you. I want to create a game where you could play the game as a lesbian/straight or mix and match. The world of Katie’s Diary is your oyster.

I want to note again that this is a browser game tested on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge on windows 10. So if you are on macOS or Linux, I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you in advance.

Let’s move on to tags/kinks in the game and what you can look forward to seeing in the future.

Currently in-game:

  • Big tits – No explanation needed, big badonkadonk (subjective).
  • Big ass – No explanation needed, big booty (subjective).
  • Creampie – It’sin the game and has a few scenes.
  • Corruption – Most fleshed-out routes right now will feature this in varying degrees; some are gone in 60 seconds fast, and others are slower.
  • Dating Sim – You have multiple LI’s and can choose male or female.
  • Drugs – No explanation needed. Sniff, Sniff (Will be the mainstay in one route).
  • Exhibitionism – One encounter as of now, but I will add more in future updates.
  • Female Domination – Very light Femdom as of now, on Violet’s and Andre Pimp (With Tom) route. You wait till Katie takes her metaphorical whip out.
  • Female Protagonist – No explanation needed. Hi, my name is Katie.
  • Handjob – There is stroking; it falls under the purview of HJs (sue me, but don’t please mercy).
  • Interracial – Most of you will think this is mainly a BBC fiesta, but there is also interracial lesbian action with Nora. And I plan to add more.
  • Lesbian – You have fleshed-out scenes with Violet and with Nora. There is a lot where that came from.
  • Male Domination – It is there, and it will grow in future updates.
  • Masturbation – No explanation needed. It’s finger-licking good.
  • MILF – There is one MILF in-game, but she has no scenes. Why tag it? I have to, if I’m not mistaken, better safe than sorry. It will be expanded, but later into the game.
  • Multiple endings – The diary entries in each chapter mark the ends of specific paths, again better safe than sorry.
  • Oral sex – No explanation needed—pogo stick and clam hunting available.
  • Romance – Somewhat of a primary focus of this game, I will do my best to warm your hearts if I can’t warm your nether regions.
  • Sex Toys – Female protagonist + Toys = Girls just wanna have fun (great song).
  • Stripping – It is tied to the photoshoots present in the game. Another tag I added to be safe than sorry.
  • Teasing – No explanation needed—pika boo.
  • Text-based – Well, there will be a lot, I mean A LOT of reading involved.
  • Titfuck – No explanation needed. Tits on dicks (One scene, more to come).
  • Vaginal sex – If I have to explain this in a female protagonist game, you’re on the wrong thread.
  • Voyeurism – One scene on Nora’s route, more are not planned as of yet.


  • Anal sex – It’s only chapter two; you can’t expect Katie to be such a slut as of now; she needs to lube up. It’s cumming, though.
  • BDSM – One route later in the game will feature it and be light BDSM. Sorry to disappoint, but I get queasy writing about nipple clamps and razors (Spanking falls under BDSM, so think about that).
  • Blackmail – Planned, and it’s tied with the above tag.
  • Cheating – Multiple LI’s, both men and women, vying for one pussy. You do the math; it’s happening.
  • Group sex – Throuples? Yes, please, am I right?
  • Multiple penetration – It’s honestly just a ticking time bomb at this point.

Last but not least, the three dreaded letters NTR, the elephant in the room. Well, friends, Romans, and countrymen lend me your ears, *INSERT THANOS MEME* it is inevitable BUT avoidable. Jokes aside, specific paths will explore the cuckold and QOS fetishes (I wanted to add the Stag/Vixen dynamic, but my outline is screwing my plans, sorry). They say variety is the spice of life, and Katie likes variety, maybe skewed to one side. I beg you not to punish me for this decision. It will only be one route in a game with many of them. Mercy is all I ask.

Game Images & Screenshots


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