Island Secretary [v1.6.5] By Beachside Bunnies

Beachside Bunnies Games released a new game called Island Secretary and the version is 1.6.5. The game’s story is about is a Mini-game for Android and Windows. There are 11 dialog sets (44 unique dialogs) and 4 secret dialogs. Plays in portrait on Android & has vibration choreographed to the animation. After each round, a new item unlocks.​

Developer:Beachside Bunnies
File Size:24.4 MB
OS:Windows, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

You can now create your own custom dialog set, click on the message box before starting and type / edit the text in the boxes. You must have the custom encounter selected for the text to appear.

If you have an older version of the game, the save file will be reset and you’ll need to play through the game 6 times in order to unlock the additional accessories, or use the new unlock cheat.

Other small updates to the game:

  • You can now also select any of the 11 standard encounters and play them in any order in the new screen.
  • A visual update to the game with updated boobs, updated fur and shading. A touchup to IS before public release.
  • Dark Blue bra option
  • Text box is now actually coded in so using the zoom button wont cut it off
  • Zoom button is available at all times instead of having to open the pop-up menu to use it
  • Removed a bunch of caching stuff that was supposed to make phones faster, but ultimately made it worse. This should help performance + also fix the problem some mobile users had with the game crashing when using zoom.
  • A new cheat to unlock everything from the start – once the furry dick option is available, use the pale dick and click the mugs 5 times, then swap to furry and tap IS’s bells 5 times to unlock everything. You’ll know you are doing it right because the active hit area will show a number when tapped.
  • When the game is reset and you are zoomed in, the text doesn’t zoom in

Developer Notes:

  • If GPU android version does not work, try using direct.
  • This version starts with 6 finished times by default, so all options are unlocked. If you’d like to play from the beginning and unlock items one at a time again, use the reset button to start at 0.
  • The new accessories are selected by going into the “more” button that appears once all default items are unlocked (6 times)

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