Isekai Lost in Harem [v0.31] By MenZ Studio

MenZ Studio Games released a new game called Isekai Lost in Harem and the version is 0.31. The game’s story is about The story of the game is about the world name “Estalia”, a world populated only by females. This world is peaceful, thanks to the seal that keeps demons away. But one day, the seal is broken and demons start to invade the land. People get attacked and get controlled by the dark power of the demon lord.

“You” are the hero who reincarnates into this world. A prophesized hero wielding a magic lance destined to appear before the world in its time of need. Your main mission is to defeat the demon lord and rescue the people of Estalia with your holy lance!​

Developer:MenZ Studio
File Size:278.9 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Add 2nd Chapter
  • 4 new enemies
  • 6 new H scenes
  • 10 new challenge stages (unlock 5 stages after clear each chapter)
  • 4 new magic spells
  • New equipment

Developer Notes:

  • What will you see in Isekai Lost in Harem?
  • 6 Chapters, each chapter has 4 stages
  • 6 Bosses and 14-16 minions. Each one have their own unique design and battle style
  • More than 40+ H-animations
  • All characters have high quality graphic
  • Cutscenes and dialogues with comedy theme
  • Level up, Status upgrade, Skills and Equipment system
  • Challenge mode/stage for players who like challenge
  • It’s is an action beat’em up game with 1st person view.
  • The game is mainly controlled by a mouse.
  • You can attack, block, parry or use skills in battle to fight against enemies.
  • Game has a level system where you can freely upgrade the status and skill you like.
  • You can play as a high attack fighter, tanky knight, mage or ETC depending on your own choice.

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