Inherent Skill Nakadashi Leveling [Final] By Jaxy Create

Jaxy Create Games released a new game called Inherent Skill Nakadashi Leveling and the version is Final. The game’s story is about It is a sexual technique that allows you to acquire experience points according to the amount of semen. The hero with unique skills is the only male summoned from another world. To fulfill the wishes of the people of this world In order to “”Nakadashi levelling””, I ejaculated into the vagina of a female in this world. The hero is ready. In a few more days, the day will come when the enemy will resurrect. The unexpected happened! The enemy has made the people of this world Level 1! People were very sad. However! “”Nakadashi levelling”” exists! ! ! There is hope!​

Developer:Jaxy Create
File Size:4.56 GB
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Game Version Changelog:

2022-12-23: Thread Created – Added Final Version Of The Game

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