Impregnation Island [v1.00] By TechnoBrake

TechnoBrake Games released a new game called Impregnation Island and the version is 1.00. The game’s story is about Your massive dick attracting the attention of a remote island god of fertility, and it whisks you off to the island for some important business; a rare festival of mass impregnation! Yes, this is an RPG where you get to knock up 17 lovely ladies! Have sex at your leisure with whoever tickles your fancy. A tourist? Maybe a teacher? Or perhaps that hot police woman? Oh, that girl has a husband already? It doesn’t matter, you can impregnate her too! You’re carrying out the divine will of a deity here!

Q: Is there cuckoldry in this game? A: There is…not (at least when it comes to anyone possibly taking something from you). Again, it’s you with the ultimate power here, so it’s only you who gets to steal wives and girlfriends! Become a savior, and bring forth an end to a tragic lack of birthing!​

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Game Version Changelog:

Initial release

Translation Notes:

The translation is finally done. This game contains a lot of moaning hence leaving it how it sounds as close to the original. Also in this game, there is a lot of Japanese folklore mentioned such as ‘Hasshaku’, ‘shirikodama’, ‘kappa’ etc. which I left as original not to change the context too much. Tried my best in proofreading everything and adding as much context as I could from the original text, but it was very hard to work with the translation as any syntax error would break the game, hence I might have missed some parts due to frustration and wanting to progress further. Please inform me about any translation errors, so I could fix them and release a patch with improved translation later.

Note: This is Edited-MTL and I have only basic Japanese language knowledge. Do not expect studio-quality translation.

  • Translated Angelique’s remaining sex scenes (Knight)
  • Translated Yui Oya’s remaining sex scenes (Student/Daughter)
  • Translated Ohna Oya’s remaining sex scenes (Guest House Owner/Mom)
  • Translated Sakuragi Mashiro all sex scenes (Policewoman)
  • Translated Hasshaku all sex scenes (Eight Feet Tall)


  • Translated Yami Kura’s all remaining sex scenes (Obsessed Lover)
  • Translated Asakura’s all sex scenes (Teacher)
  • Translated Todo Washiya’s all sex scenes (Student)
  • Translated Saki Sihimine’s all sex scenes (Student)
  • Translated Hikari Shinguji’s all sex scenes (Priestess)
  • Translated Angelique’s half of the sex scenes (Knight)
  • Translated Yui Oya’s half of the sex scenes (Student/Daughter)
  • Translated Ohna Oya’s half of the sex scenes (Guest House Owner/Mom)


  • Translated Nono’s all sex scenes (Secretary)
  • Translated Megumi Hidaka’s all sex scenes (Reporter)
  • Translated Asari Toyoda’s all sex scenes (Farmer)
  • Translated Yami Kura’s half of the sex scenes (Obsessed Lover)
  • Translated Yoko Terada’s half of the sex scenes (Police woman)


  • Translated 6 endings (From D to SS rank)
  • Translated all character endings (17 different woman with 3 different endings based on relationship level)
  • Translated Chiaki Kotoge’s all sex scenes (Novelist)
  • Translated Cassandra’s all sex scenes (Tourist)
  • Translated Uruha Hojo’s all sex scenes (Village Chief)
  • Translated all pregnancy stages and giving birth
  • Translated all kids dialogs


  • Translated Items
  • Translated NPC Names
  • Translated Skills
  • Translated Statuses
  • Translated System Menu’s
  • Translated Different modes and differences
  • Translated all of the character info menus
  • Translated all characters enhanced information (Using Look Back skill)
  • Translated common NPC dialog (Random NPCs)
  • Translated Eight feet lady quest
  • Translated Prologue
  • Translated first scene with Oya family
  • Translated all the menus in MC’s room (Interactions with desk/drawers)

Third translation. Wanted to try some other developer and highly requested game. Starting work and will be updating the thread on progress.

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