I.C.O. [v1.0] By Cetus-Teh-Otter!

Cetus-Teh-Otter! Games released a new game called I.C.O. and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about In the far future, the world has been overrun by unknowable entities known simply as the I.C.O. Civilization has all but abandoned the surface and now hides away in structures known as the Craters. While both are locked in a violent standstill, the Craters have produced one weapon to combat the I.C.O. threat: the Ferals.

Judah Bishop is a young sea otter who just recently joined the Feral military branch and is now plunged into a whole new world of battles, strategy, and danger. He must work with his squadron against any threat that comes his way lest he falls to the I.C.O. is heavily inspired by anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Attack on Titan, and Gurren Lagan which have significantly shaped the design and story being told. I do hope, however, that I.C.O. can carve out its own identity and hopefully be something fresh and new in the furry VN genre.​

File Size:159.5 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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