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Hyper Games released a new game called Hyperdeep and the version is 0.5. The game’s story is about A spiritual successor to Super Deepthroat. Hyperdeep attempts to bring BJ simulation into the modern age while maintaining the same spirit of customization and attention to detail.​

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Game Version Changelog:


Hey pals.
This update, like every other update so far, didn’t exactly pan out as planned. I was planning to primarily focus on producing customization content for the game and shy away from getting into any serious engineering. That was until I read some innocuous feature requests suggesting that players wanted:

  • a) for the game to remember their settings between sessions, and
  • b) some way of removing HD-chan’s clothes without returning to the designer.
  • “Easy”, I thought idiotically. I can whip those two features up in an afternoon and get back to haberdashery.
  • Cut to now, a month on, and those features are done! They simply required me to rewrite the entire game; no biggie.

“Control mode”
Tentatively calling this control mode, partially because you activate it by holding down control on your keyboard.

For now, this mode adds a floating button above HD-chan during gameplay that allows you to remove categories of clothing from her, without entering the designer. As time goes on, I would like to introduce more functionality to this mode to enable smoother gameplay and less menu trawling.

Session memory
More of an abstract concept this so nothing to really demonstrate with a screenshot, but essentially the game now remembers your last session and reloads it on start-up. This includes the character and outfit you were using, and the sidebar menu options you had set. If you fuck something up, you can reset your sidebar settings from the help tab.

I will probably make this behaviour optional in future, if only because it makes debugging the game somewhat more annoying for me.

Menu cool
They’re now cooler and more useable, making better use of available space.

“Fuck you Hyperdev this is boring”
Not ALL boring! There’s also a new pose!!!
That’s exciting! What’s also exciting is that automode doesn’t work properly for the new pose yet sorry lmao. It’ll be fixed up real soon.

“That’s more like it fucker”
Yeah there’s also a couple of new “colorway” options for some existing clothing items:.


Performance profiling (identifying sources of lag, etc.) in UE4 is an arcane ritual that requires extreme concentration and advanced knowledge of magicks. I spent some time this month drilling down into all the little elements that make up a single frame of Hyperdeep and finding those that were taking an outsized amount of time to complete.

Notably, I have stripped a significant amount of wasted computation out of HD-chan’s animation update. This update happens on the CPU, and so whether this will have an effect on the framerate you see in game depends on what your PC is like (how good your GPU is).

I also added a menu option to disable v-sync (which has always been on until this point). With v-sync off I’m able to get about 140 fps with my Ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2060 super.

Some of you guys have mentioned that you’ve encountered some performance issues recently, and I’d like to follow up on this to find out what’s causing it. Unfortunately I only have one PC and so I don’t really have any means of testing the game on a variety of target platforms and so I don’t really become aware of these issues until one of you lot brings it up.

It really shouldn’t be a surprise to you by this point that I did some tinkering with HD-chan’s boob physics. Boob physics is probably the single most fun thing you can do as a video game developer/3D artist. The new system is (I think) more efficient and looks (I think) a little bit better.

Developer Notes:

Mirrors provided as-per rules but it would help me out if you could use the itch link 😉 The game will ask for firewall clearance on first run. This is simply default behavior for Unreal packages; the game doesn’t have any network functionality. You can leave it blocked without affecting anything. If I can find a way to disable this in future I will.

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