Hyper Harem Henshin Hero [Full Release] By BraveBengal

BraveBengal Games released a new game called Hyper Harem Henshin Her and the version is Full Release. The game’s story is about Mostly a VN but there are little missions you go on to get items and fight enemies sometimes. Combat is like a simplified turn-based RPG with a deck and cards There are 3 sex scenes in the demo and you should be able to see all of them in one playthrough, although they are all optional​

Developer: BraveBengal
File Size:501.8 MB
Version:Full Release
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Game Version Changelog:

Full Release

Developer Notes:

Early lil demo of an OC game I’m making. It’s kinda wonky cuz I’m using features and stuff I’ve never tried before but it should give you the gist of what the full game’ll be about lol

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