House of Pandemonium: Unity Edition [v1.0.9] By Throwawaylady

Throwawaylady Games released a new game called House of Pandemonium: Unity Edition and the version is 1.0.9. The game’s story is about A group of girls waking up in a mysterious mansion. The mansion is full of monster girls seeking to transform them. Will they escape or will they fall prey to the House of Pandemonium? The game is a sandbox/arcade game revolving mostly around transformation into and by monster girls. A set of human characters try fighting back long enough to escape through one of several win conditions. When a human is captured (this includes you!) or the player willfully succumbs to their favorite monster, they are converted to the side of the monsters and will try to introduce their once-fellow humans to the wonders of being a monster girl.

The game ends when the humans escape, or all of then have been converted… Though there is very little direct sex, a lot of forms and transformations are certainly sexy. All of the different monster types have a different gimmick and gameplay carries the fantastic amount of TF and corruption content well.

File Size:1.82 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • + Skunk gloves now trigger a gender change before attaching when equipped by a male
  • + Werecats now steal the penis of male characters, triggering a male to female tf if it isn’t recovered
  • + Translation system – currently only in use for the undine transformation
  • + Translation system has been modified to group strings
  • + Music box now includes mod form songs
  • + Added a ‘transform instead of absorbing’ option for cerberuses (to avoid them splitting)



  • + Added hellhounds, orthruses and Cerberuses
  • + Added spirits/possessed (images by Antay)
  • + Added gremlins
  • + Added octacilia
  • + Added skeletons
  • + Added mooks


  • + Swapped in Antay’s higher resolution versions of Lotta, Jeanne and Nanako
  • + Replace worker bee main images with higher resolution images by Antay
  • + The centaur taming action now takes less time, but more are required proportional to the tf speed setting
  • + Improved the marker for the gravemarker room to make it visible
  • + When inma promotion is disabled, crazed is no longer reset on incapacitation
  • + Inma crazed is no longer reset when a human side inma is incapacitated (it will only work after they become crazed)
  • + Added an option to give imps a fireball again, deals no friendly fire damage
  • + Added some box spawning actions to the lady
  • + Added lady actions that trigger the angry states of various neutral monsters
  • + Bimbos should now keep following characters they’ve targeted until they get distracted (specifically: fixing loss of line of sight => no longer following)
  • + The lady is no longer amused by infection timers on non-humans (i.e. bimbos)
  • + The lady now clears out monsters in the mansion when summoning a new wave of humans for the traitor
  • + Allowed Silk/Satin to be repeatedly summoned
  • + Gave hypnotists the ability to send characters to other monsters
  • + Mounting a centaur now grants extra stamina and changes movement sounds. This might cause weirdness with a lot of things (had to make a messy change)
  • + Frankies can now soft (mind) generify


  • + Added an option to disable cleaning lithosites from lithosite hosts
  • + Added a ‘player monster escape’ difficulty option
  • + Added section titles to item spawn settings and split regular items from guns
  • + Added a bodyswapper duration option
  • + Added an autopilot toggling hotkey
  • + Added an ‘all linger’ option (gives a brief window to e.g. use a hypnogun on a target)
  • + Added escape charm item
  • + Added minimap rotation option
  • + Added ‘minimal’ monster settings display as the basic mode, close to a suggested design
  • + Added an undo button to various settings screens, which undoes changes made to the current settings set
  • + Added ‘favour unseen content’ option (random monster selection will select enabled forms that haven’t spawned many times yet while this is on)
  • + Added ‘content cycling mode’ option, intended to work with ‘favour unseen content’ but it might be generally useful (a list of all enabled forms is made, favouring high spawn chance forms first; the next 6-9 monsters will be of the next form in the list; once the list is finished a new one is generated)
  • + Added an option to disable prioritising of the player as the carrier of important items (one is randomly chosen instead)
  • + Added a difficulty increase multiplier option, allowing change of the rate difficulty changes
  • + Added a player stats multiplier option
  • + Added a ‘no player death exception’ option
  • + Added text colours to the message log
  • + Added death mode dropdown, option to have all characters only ever become incapacitated rather than dying
  • + Added an option to allow human ‘reversion’ of generic monsters via potions
  • + Aurumites now sell tf items
  • + Allowed resetting of non-default settings sets (generally reset to the first default)
  • + Multiple binding buttons can now be set for the same action
  • + Increased the starting difficulty range
  • + Hypnotist and rusalka promotes have been moved to tertiary
  • + Failed settings import now creates a backup file and notifies the user

Developer Notes:

Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition is a 3d version of House of Pandemonium/the Classic mode in House of Pandemonium – Remastered; which are both fantasy themed arena survival tf games.

This game includes some assets from House of Pandemonium – Remastered with permission from its dev (SaltyJustice); and also many from House of Pandemonium for which the dev (passelel) has given general permission for derivative works.

Faremann has assisted with image creation (specifically Sanya’s moth bikini, in progress thrall images for rusalka, fallen cupid thrall images, low hp/wp states, lamp dazed, scramblers, lamias and dark elves (serf/master))

Game Images & Screenshots

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