Hottest Summer [v0.55] By Darkstream

Darkstream Games released a new game called Hottest Summer and the version is 0.55. The game’s story is about Hottest Summer is a new adult game that follows the story of Sam, a senior high school student living in an Asian country with his beautiful mother Riona and sister Juno. Sam is an average student who is often the target of bullying from Jim and Jun, two brothers at school who are vying for the affections of Sam’s childhood friend Angela and his sister Juno.

Before summer break, unexpected events begin to unfold that lead Sam, Angela, and Juno down a path of lust and intrigue. The story progresses based on the choices Sam makes along the way, and the consequences of those choices will shape the outcome of the game.​

File Size:4.05 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 400+ rendering
  • Juno and Ramu events
  • Juno and Jim’s event
  • Yuri event
  • Angela side story 2
  • Replay Gallery

Developer Notes:

As the game is based on an asian environment, I used friendly names for the in-game characters to make it more accessible to players. I intended to create an asian-style game akin to JAV’s stories, and I have created this game with future games planned to be based around similar asian vibes.

Given the nature of the story, certain characters may be subject to NTR paths. However, there won’t be any heavy NTR towards the main characters. I’m aiming to make a game with well-developed characters but at the same time, I don’t want to make an overly long story. As such, I plan to avoid unnecessary scenes and shift the focus towards providing more erotica. This may mean that certain events in the game will happen quickly. If you truly enjoy my story, please feel free to support me on Patreon for future games.

Game Images & Screenshots

Warning: NTR contents [Avoidable]


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  1. Wow… MC is a major cuck… what’s up with all of the NTR these days… how is this enjoyable? Decent graphics, great character models, major story arc is alright, but damn this is not a satisfying game. Why make the MC such a pussy?? Who wants that?

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