Hopeless. [Final] By Sharktales.

Sharktales. Games released a new game called Hopeless. and the version is Final. The game’s story is about There was a village deep in the mountains. It had been a shabby village with nothing special. However, since some gold was found in the Mine nearby, the village started playing a whole new ballgame. The rumor was spread rather quickly to the world. The chaos was brought to the village. It was soon filled with the miners and thugs. Lucy was living in this village. This story starts when her father passed away in a cave-in accident.​

Developer: Sharktales.
File Size:684.4 MB
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Developer Notes


  • This is a 2D RPG with no battle scenes.
  • The main objective is to find a way to survive day by day
  • through the exploration of the scenario and the map.


  • Lucy (Heroine)
  • Since her parents passed away, she was forced to live by herself.
  • She is loving and sometimes plays with the orphan kids.
  • The people in the village like her as a good nun.
  • She was born with bad eyesight.
  • In a bright or dark environment, she cannot see well.
  • Right at the beginning of the game, she loses her house.
  • Now her normal life is taken away, and she has to find her own food and bed.
  • Her adventure starts in this crisis.

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