Honey Kingdom [v0.2b] By PhantomZz

PhantomZz Games released a new game called Honey Kingdom and the version is 0.2b. The game’s story is about When you receive a strange letter from your father, and you learn about the inheritance he left for you before he passed away. The inheritance is nothing more than a brothel, with some “peculiarities”. It is up to you to decide who you will be to your employees, another master who is only interested in money, or a savior who will arrange a much better life for them.​

File Size:858.4 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

✦ A continuation of the main storyline.
✦ Added 13 animations in 60 fps with sounds:

  • 1. A new scene with Kate
  • 2. A new scene with a new bee.
  • 3. A secret scene with Kate that is not displayed in the gallery (the result of the last vote).

✦ Added a new outfit for Alice.
✦ Added a new outfit for Kate (so far, only for subscribers of level 2 and above).
✦ Added a new location mall (under development).
✦ The translation was partially edited. (if you suddenly want to help me with this, please contact me at Discord).
✦ Fixed bugs version


  • ✦ Continuation of the main storyline.
  • ✦ The chronology of events was slightly changed, so it was decided to add a new bee Chloe.
  • ✦ If a positive route is chosen, a new suit (university uniform) is available for Lisa, otherwise a new way of earning money is available (Glory hole #2)
  • Glory hole #2 will be available when a certain amount of Lisa’s skill is reached.
  • ✦ Added 2 nsfw scenes (for Alice and Lisa).
  • These scenes do not occur in the storyline, but open when a certain amount of bee’s lust is reached.
  • ✦ A teaser of Mia’s new bee has been added for patrons 2 lvl.
  • So far without nsfw.
  • ✦ An alternative platform for financial support has been added (Boosty).
  • ✦ Some images have been edited.
  • ✦ The translation was partially edited. (if you suddenly want to help me with this, please contact me at Discord).
  • ✦ Fixed bugs version 0.1.7b.
  • ✦ And also added a lot of little things that I forgot about.
  • ✦ If you find any bugs in the game, please let me know.

Developer Notes:

I am currently devoting all my free time to my game Honey Kingdom. If you like sissy, shemale, trap, futanari themes maybe you will be interested in my creation. I must say that this is my first experience in drawing and programming, and I am not a native English speaker. But I still hope you enjoy my game. <3 If you like my game you can support me on Patreon.

Game Images & Screenshots

: HoneyKingdom-0.2b-win.zip – 858.4 MB
Linux: HoneyKingdom-0.2b-linux.tar.bz2 – 832.3 MB
MacHoneyKingdom-0.2b-mac.zip – 841.3 MB
Android: HoneyKingdom-0.2b-android.apk – 897.1 MB


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