Hogwarts Lewdgacy [Final] By MultisekaiStudio

MultisekaiStudio Games released a new game called Hogwarts Lewdgacy and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Harry and Hermione facing off in a simulated duel, later Hermione asks for a rematch. Hogwarts Legacy is an experiment and tribute released at a convenient time. I can’t wait to play the correct game, Developing this game is a good excuse to make the joke about “Oops! I downloaded the wrong game!”​

File Size:89.8 MB
OS:Windows, Android
game details

Developer Notes:

I recorded my steps while doing chapter 2 of my main game (Darwin’s Voyage) and tested out my method with Hogwarts Lewdgacy. Managed to finish it within 4 days! I wasn’t happy with the final result but felt proud of the process. That should help me with any future chapters of the main game.

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