Heroine Conquest [v1.12] By BadColor

BadColor Games released a new game called Heroine Conquest and the version is 1.12. The game’s story is about The Demon Lord who has been defeated by the Heroines. It is now up to you to command the evil troops to capture the Heroines and breed them. Conquer the Heroines and help the Demon Lord reign over the lands again. A simple point-and-click game, with a unit upgrading system. Upgrade your units after every round, to further increase your chance of capturing the Heroine. Using a simple placement system, find the best strategy to capture the heroines with the least amount of tries.​

File Size:24.2 MB
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Featuring fully high-resolution animated scenes.

Mouse and keyboard.
alt +enter to toggle full screen.

  • Please leave a comment, on any bugs and problems you encounter.
  • Join the discord server, for unanswered questions and information on any future upcoming projects.
  • Language: ENG, JAP

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