Hard Blade – Goro’s Adventure [Final] By Satyroom

Satyroom Games released a new game called Hard Blade – Goro’s Adventure and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Goro is a seasoned adventurer on a mission to rescue the kingdom’s prince, who has been kidnapped yet again. Hard Tale is a short Erotic gay RPG where you explore a dungeon, fight against the dungeon master and its traps and save the Prince.​

File Size:282.7 MB
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v16 release (final)

Developer Notes:

  • 3+ sex scenes with CG and fully drawn portraits made by Syunta-san creator of MANAGEMENT!
  • 2 endings
  • Full dungeon rpg experience.
  • Goro being sexy and masculine.


  • LeftClick/Touch/X/Space : Confirm/Interact
  • RightClick/Touch with two fingers on screen/Esc/Ins : Cancel/Open Menu
  • Keep pressing confirm button: Skip text/Speed up event
  • Shift + arrow (if using keyboard)= dashing movement

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