Golden Cynicism [v1.4] By Nuko Majin

Nuko Majin Games released a new game called Golden Cynicism and the version is 1.4. The game’s story is about Lucrezia Hartvan, a princess knight who is overwhelmingly popular both in Japan and overseas. She has outstanding swordsmanship and wise leadership. And her amazing proportions. A beautiful princess who always had a smile on her face. On a moonlit night, with her golden hair flowing, she visited a certain man’s room. The lazy and womanizing ‘bad ‘ general Abol… The story of a soldier who watches her from the shadows when she disappears into a man’s room with no good rumors. (Get Cucked)​

Developer:Nuko Majin
File Size:322 MB
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Developer Notes:

[Princess Knight] Lucrezia Hartvan. She boasts overwhelming popularity among the successive princess knights. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also sincere and affectionate towards everyone, which is the reason for her popularity. Originally, she was only a princess knight in her title, but she was a genuine princess of the royal family.

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