Glowing Stones : Heroes’ Awakening [Ch.4] By MoonLightDevCorp

MoonLightDevCorp Games released a new game called Glowing Stones : Heroes’ Awakening and the version is Ch.4. The game’s story is about One day, on your 26th birthday to be exact, you receive a stone from your father, a nice big glowing stone. The same day, two hours later, you “receive” the notice of his death in a terrible explosion in his lab. But… on that day, your dad gives you so much, much more! In this world, ruled by megacorporations… In this world, where money is power… In this world, now, you too have power! Become part of this world, and meet Amy, your childhood friend, a most loyal woman. Meet Aurora, the singer. Celeste, bravery incarnate, and Samantha, an amazing firefighter. Come and meet Greg, your best friend, and his wife Sheila. Go use your new power for the good of all.

File Size:4.03 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ch 4

  • New GUI
  • New exclusives musics
  • 1,237 renders
  • 4 minutes (!!!) of animations
  • 15,000 words (for the English version)

Ch 3 : N/A

ch 2 : 768 new renders, 3400 new animated frames, 13200 new words
Ch 0-1 : 430 Renders, 3950 animated frames, 8220 words

Developer Notes:

  • Change langage in setting panel
  • Walkthrough available in the setting panel
  • Change color and size of text, and textbox opacity in the setting panel
  • Use the in game tablet to change MC’s names

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