Girls Next Door [Update 8] By Layman Bot

Layman Bot Games released a new game called Girls Next Door and the version is Update 8. The game’s story is about story surrounds a guy whose childhood friend just moved in to live with his family. She always got him in trouble, since they were kids, and it seems that things have not changed. You play as a young adult, who is living together with five women. Each one with its own personality and storyline, and you progress through it, event by event, combining choices and traits to find your desired path.​

Developer:Layman Bot
File Size:1.52 GB
Version:Update 8
OS:Windows, Linux
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Game Version Changelog:

Update 8

  • We made a facelift on the Events Screen and a brand new photo gallery with all Geb’s extra content.
  • The main event in this update is the ‘Pool Party’ sequence. Do not let Natalie do everything she wants. Also, Alice is quite joyful today.
  • Gameplay
  • *5 new events
  • User Interface
  • *Events Screen redesigned
  • *Photo Gallery
  • Performance and Stability
  • *Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

HOTFIX 2 (2022-03-19)

  • * Do not archive Downtown until it unlocks other events
  • * Improve some story graphs visibility

Developer Notes:

What we would like to ask right now is the community feedback. We have packaged a small demo, about 10-15 minutes, and we would be grateful if you guys spare some time to play it and give us your thoughts.

PS: Please ignore minor English mistakes, it was written by a non-native speaker and we do not have a proofreader yet, since every text right now is subject to change.

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