Fire of Life: New Day [0.33.2s] By Dana Haywood

Dana Haywood Games released a new game called ire of Life: New Day and the version is 0.33.2s. The game’s story is about A new year starts at the Oakland Institute where college students return for business as usual. Except, life is anything but usual with strange supernatural events going on. For one young man, the appearance of a fiery redhead shakes things up. For another young lady, she adapting to life after being imprisoned in a pocket dimension for most of her life. Oh, yea…a family of vampires seem to be making power moves that causes concern. A powder keg of supernatural energies ready to explode.​

Developer:Dana Haywood
File Size:366.5 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Crash Fix
  • A bug was introduced when I added the Irish Filter. I had to rework a few things around and got that working as intended.

Developer Notes:

Fire of Life: New Day is part one of a series of planned Adult Visual Novels that follows five different storylines (fae, vampire. mage, shifter, and demon) that interconnect at different points. There is not a single main character, but you can customize it by being able to rename characters to your liking. It uses Renpy to facilitate the story, so the normal features (Replay, Galleries, and Save Options) are included. In addition to those features, there are content filters (NSFW and Content Warning) that lead to alternate scenes for individuals.

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