Fates: Determination [Ep. 1-6] By eXtasy Games

eXtasy Games released a new game called Fates: Determination and the version is Ep. 1-6. The game’s story is about is an episodic Adult Visual Novel with epic storytelling, stunning visuals, fully animated sex scenes, and a licensed soundtrack! In Fates, you play from the point of view of Jake as well as Amy. Jake is a normal college student who one day finds out he has an unnatural power. Amy is working for a secret government division, a division that hunts people like Jake. During the game you jump back and forth between the two and experience the story from two perspectives.

Be ready for a captivating adventure full of mysteries and unexpected twists, as well as a fair share of sexy scenes. Every decision you make throughout the game will affect the end of the game. Are you able to form Jake and Amy’s fate? Fates: Determination will be released as a full game, including all episodes 1-6, on Steam early next year! Make sure to Wishlist Fates on Steam!

File Size:2.09 GB
Version:Ep. 1-6
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Episode 3 Release

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