Far Beyond the World [Chapter 17] By Echoes of Arcane

Echoes of Arcane Games released a new game called Far Beyond the World and the version is Chapter 17Alpha. The game’s story is about “Wake up!” says the voice and you open your eyes in a strange cabin in the woods with only vague recollection of the life you’ve left behind. Despite appearances, you know that something isn’t quite right. Set on an adventure, trying to piece together the puzzle of your past, as well as forge a new life among the Wolves of Avalan as you try to steer clear of their tribal politics. Your heart will be your compass, but can you trust your feelings when they’re so easily clouded? Love can be both a boon and a distraction. Choose your friends carefully and your enemies more careful still.

Developer:Echoes of Arcane
File Size:698.9 MB
Version:Chapter 17
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

2023-12-26: Chp.17

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Chapter 17:

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