Fairy’s Apprentice [v0.6] By TeamAlters

TeamAlters Games released a new game called Fairy’s Apprentice and the version is 0.6. The game’s story is about You play as Gustav (name can be changed) a mage who doesn’t know his origins but who has been well-trained by a super-strong mage, Mavis, alongside his “half-sister” Lucy. Gustav lives a peaceful life and never questions himself about things around him until strange events start to occur, such can only be nailed with seriousness and a lot of responsibility, both of which Gustav is experiencing right now! But it’s not all about mystery… love and comedy are also at stake, as a huge variety of characters to interact with (being added little by little) and of course, the H element that we all like.

File Size:383.33 MB
OS:Windows, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

log 0.6:
In this update, we had 13 new images, with 72 variations. We fixed bugs and fixed almost all characters, there are still some like Levy to fix, but we will do that in the future. Despite not having new story content, there are many new images, we recommend you play.

Developer Notes:

I could say everything you want to know, but I’ won’t, son! (by: Skylab, the Gigachad)

Game Images & Screenshots

Win:Racaty – Pixeldrain – Zippyshare – Workupload
Android:Racaty – Pixeldrain – Zippyshare – Workupload
Mac:Racaty – Pixeldrain – Zippyshare – Workupload

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