Ex.D.e. [v0.15] By Bob the Creator

Bob the Creator Games released a new game called Ex.D.e. and the version is 0.15. The game’s story is about You a schoolboy who lives at home. After your first day at school, you notice drastic changes in your behavior and that of those around you. Are these just natural events or does something else cause these changes in your environment? It is up to you to find out. Formerly known as Family Fun.

Developer:Bob the Creator
File Size:1.94 GB
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Game Version Changelog:

v0.15 – 4.03.23

  • Sophie train molest:
  • Pretty big event that spans over several scenes and has a nice custom made animation at the end
  • ps. I can do custom keynote animations now, which is pretty neat.
  • Sophie shower:
  • Complete overhaul and pretty much a complete event with several different options and scenes
  • Anna & Sophie evening event:
  • a continuation on anna teaching sophie some useful skills
  • Anna dressing:
  • You can spy on anna in morning; nothing special

Developer Notes:

This game has become a big cluster fuck. The graphics and game mechanics are all over the place. Nothing makes sense and a lot just feels clunky and unfinished. RPG Maker also makes my life unnecessarily difficult, when I want to do some more complex scenes. Every time I work on this game I just want to delete everything and make it all new, but that would be stupid. That’s why I will now manly focus on the main story and bring some kind of closure to this pile of doodoo.

No Andoid version for now. I think you can use joiplay to play the PC version on the Android.

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