Etlina’s Principle [v0.02] By PipPoad

PipPoad Games released a new game called Etlina’s Principle and the version is 0.02. The game’s story is about is a mature, adult game with VN-style gameplay and focus on the theme of the symbyote\living suit. Humanity discovered a new type of living organism – a symbiotic life form called “Nox Limax”, which gave the hosts incredible powers. But one year after the successful tests on humans, something happened that seriously changed the world. At some point, people began to turn into slimy latex-like creatures. The environment of the city and its neighborhood, animals, humans and fauna – all changed drastically, changing the land into a very dangerous place, like an alien planet with its flora and fauna.

You are a member of the HOWL Squad – a special military unit designed to perform tasks in conditions of increased danger. On your way you will meet many local inhabitants, most of whom may not be as horrible as they are told they will be. On your way, you will find a lot of friends and enemies. At the end, it will be up to you to decide who is the real threat. Who will you choose to support and what possible results will that have on the people, you care about and the fate of humanity itself?​

File Size:640.4 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 130 renders
  • music and sound effects
  • 1 optional sex scene
  • renders was exported from .png to .jpg format

Developer Notes:

This is the first serious and long project I’ve ever worked on. Most things, like coding and sound\music editing had to be learned from scratch (so it might look like a generic Ren’Py game with a linear gameplay :unsure:), but it was an extremely interesting and fascinating experience. So, criticism and feedback are more than welcome!

The first versions are likely to be more focused on exposition and establishing the protagonist’s relationship to the world around him and what is going on. Also, I would like to put more emphasis on the hybrid girls, especially their more or less unique designs and abilities. It will most likely be something like “Hybrid of the Week” system with a new symbiotic girl\s per every game update. Fans of normal human girls should not fret there will be human girls to romance in this adventure as well. I would also like to note that in the future there will be no NTR or similar to this themes, so please – don’t expect it.

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