Equivalent Exchange [v0.17] By TheLetterB

TheLetterB Games released a new game called Equivalent Exchange and the version is 0.17. The game’s story is about A text-based adventure game written by TheLetterB.

File Size:1.2 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


Fixed an incorrect pointer for both the Alpha Imp and Goblin Matriarch where, if you went to their camp and immediately submitted, the game would assume you had submitted from combat first.

Fixed incorrect behaviour when stealing height from the Alpha Imp and Goblin Matriarch that would give the player double the gains.


If you have a piece of Cobalt on you when Kallisto fucks you in the alleyway, Cobalt will now take on Kallisto’s personality. Unlike being able to change Cobalt’s body at will, this change is irreversible once Kallisto’s personality is inside her, but you have the option to temporarily remove the slime before engaging with Kallisto to avoid it.

Kallisto’s non-oral sex scenes have some significant extensions if Cobalt’s slime is present.

Cobalt has two new sex scenes to go with her new personality: one where you go down on her dick (if applicable) and one where you eat her ass (if she doesn’t have a dick). If Cobalt has a dick, then which one you do is random, but if you do consecutive sessions, you’ll have the option to switch it up.

Once Kallisto’s personality is in Cobalt, every time you visit Cobalt, there’s a 1 in 10 chance that Cobalt will decide for you that it’s time you serviced her. You don’t get the option to back down. Checking and leaving Cobalt’s description over and over will reroll these odds – the thought being, she eventually gets impatient from you constantly checking her out.

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