Emerald Dawn [v1.0] By Sendo

Sendo Games released a new game called Emerald Dawn and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about As the sun sets for the bloody war, a new dawn shines on the land beloved by the Goddess. Blue skies and gentle breezes finally return, ushering in the era of peace to Folan. With the fate of Rhea unknown after the final battle, Byleth occupied himself with his mission to eliminate the remaining threats to Folan. After an unsuccessful hunt, he returns to Garreg Mach, the place where it all began. What awaits Byleth in his return? Will his prayers finally be answered?​

Developer: Sendo
File Size:181 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


  • initial release

Developer Notes:

Hey, Sendo here. Although this is version 1.0 of the project, I plan to add extra stories and other stuff in the future. I still have so much love to give to Rhea, and this project is where I want to put all that love and energy! I hope you enjoy my love letter to Rhea as much as I enjoyed making it!! ^^

  • Format: Linear VN (no choices/no branching paths)
  • Script Length: 17K words
  • Adult Content: This fan game contains some sex scenes

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