Ema & the Sleep Quest [v0.0.5B] By Klergames

Kler Games released a new game called Ema & the Sleep Quest and the version is 0.0.5B. The game’s story is about A long time ago, there was a world, a world of fantasy that seems coming from a fantasy novel. This world was peaceful, but one day the king was taken down by an unknown shadow: the Demon Queen. The Demon queen claimed the land of humans, killing their soldiers and rebels, enslaving the other,s and slowly taking down all kingdoms. The Dryads, the people of the forest who had abandoned this land centuries ago, feeling the end coming, summoned a woman from another world to defeat him and save the kingdom. But one day, the old demon king appear again, weaker but quickly regaining its strength, the Dryads summoned this Heroine again, but this time it was another person in the heroine’s body…​

File Size:345.5 MB
OS:Windows, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.0.5B Release

Bug fix

v0.0.5 Release

  • New introduction
  • New notifications system (Quest, Lust, Relationship, ect…)
  • New gallery
  • Re writing old events (2-3 times the initial content + new important choice)
  • 7 new CG for introduction (1 modified + 6 new)
  • Background music for every maps and scenes
  • NPC added inside the town depending on the time.
  • NPC students added in school at afternoon time.
  • Ema’s alter ego doesn’t have elves ear anymore.
  • Emilly accurate character sprite

Developer Notes:

This version and the 0.1.0 will implement the key features for the games so they will come a bit later than the futures one. Currently we have 11 H-Scenes for 37 CG in the game.

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