Eggs of the World: Phantom Lilium [v2.02] By Hasoyua

Hasoyua Games released a new game called Eggs of the World: Phantom Lilium and the version is 2.02. The game’s story is about There are two worlds set in the stage. The other half is the same cityscape as it is today. As a student, the main character, Mari, lives a normal life with her friend, Kotone. That day, she went to school as usual, enjoyed her club activities, went out to town and ate sweets… that was how it was supposed to be. However, what awaits them in the city is an anomaly in which people fall one after another, and some of them turn into monsters and attack them. Mari, the only one unaffected, is led by a voice to put on a mysterious costume. Mari swung her weapon without knowing what was going on, and easily defeated the monster.

After rescuing Kotone, Mari is summoned to the facility, where the men waiting for her tell her about the existence of another world and the miasma and monsters that flow in. Also, Mari, who has a strong resistance to miasma, is one of the few people who can fight monsters head-on. She learns that monsters are still trying to invade the city, and that if the monsters can be defeated early, the incident can be turned into something that never happened. I decided to get into another world, which is one stage.

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Game Version Changelog:


  • Updated to version 2.02.
  • It will be a correction of typos and a mistake in specifying the background after clearing “Defeat the Gathering Monster Group”.

Developer Notes:

This work is designed to be easy to play with only one hand without getting caught in map operations. Supports keyboard, gamepad and mouse.

In this work, you can freely set the hero’s sexual sensibility, sexual experience, difficulty level, etc. Apart from this setting, you can also use message skipping and battle speedup. Whether you want to enjoy the game or want to finish the game quickly, you can set it according to your preferences. As for H-scenes, there is a way to register them in recollections without seeing them.

Reactions during battle and H-scenes vary depending on the main character’s state, such as sensitive parts, virginity, and lewdness. In addition, special H-scenes are prepared for the boss battles in each chapter. Depending on the chapter, it is possible to act in a special state such as pregnancy or swelling after being raped.

This work uses a skill acquisition system that uses skill points. Skill points are obtained when completing each mission. However, in this work, if you accumulate too much sexual experience, you will acquire special skills and become vulnerable to sexual attacks. And monsters will attack you during the mission, and will set up various sexual acts during the battle. Let’s clear the mission while surviving the attack of monsters.

About 40 basic event CGs, more than 1000 including variations. In addition, there are special standing pictures for when you are sexually attacked by an enemy or for special H events.

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