Dukes & Dildos [v0.59] By Sara

Sara Games released a new game called Dukes & Dildos and the version is 0.59. The game’s story is about This is a story set in a fantasy kingdom ala Dungeons and Dragons. In this story you play a thief tasked by an old friend to break into the Duke’s castle and steal, of all things, a magical dildo.​

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Game Version Changelog:


  • Story: Add Earl Howe Content
  • Story: Add Lady Vortena
  • Story: Add Lord Kendt
  • Story: Add Ravenstower
  • Story: Add Lord Marlowe Content
  • Story: Setup Moot and Blangis
  • Bug: Fix out of date macro
  • Bug: Fix Sleight of hand typo
  • Bug: Fix issue with 66 when opponent rolls a 66
  • Bug: Fix Duke not recognizing you if you slept with him
  • Bug: Fix uninitialized variables on Harem Day 3
  • Bug: Fix old ending tag
  • Bug: Fix Elena’s Bitch path bug with quest 3
  • Bug: More spelling fixes
  • Enhancement: Make doors on map blue for readability

Developer Notes:

Hi this is my first attempt at a game. It’s inspired by a few different sources. First off, it has a RPG rules engine including battles based of D&D. Next, it has some elements loosely in common with a Dance With Rouges (Module for Neverwinter Nights), and I’m also trying to setup some Game of Thrones esc politics.

If all that sounds pretty ambitious for my first game, well it is. The way I’m trying to do it is to pay attention to user feedback. I have surveys setup that I rotate every 5 version of the game or so to tell me what paths you wanted expanded and what you want to see. That way I can actually tell the story you guys and gals want to play as opposed to just whatever strikes my fancy, though I will do some of that too.

It’s currently about 875,000 words. For comparison, if it were a single straight novel it would be longer than all three Lord of the Rings books at this point. However, since it is broken up in many different paths you can finish a single path a lot quicker than that. It also has about 8720 different options for you to choose from so there should be lots of ability to replay and try different things. Finally it currently has 92 distinct spots that are temporary endings that I intend to expand upon eventually. There are also a handful of real game overs that don’t have any planned follow ups.

Parings included in the game right now:
MC is Female: M/F, F/F, M/M (you watch), Monster/F, MDog/F, MWolf/F
MC is Male: M/F, M/M, Monster/M

Some fetishes the game covers: Anal Sex, BDSM, Bestiality, Creampie, Lesbian, Male Dom, Mind Control, Monster Sex, Oral Sex, NonConsent, Sex Toys, Vaginal Sex, Pregnancy, Corruption

Oh if you ever feel stuck and it doesn’t say you’re at an ending you aren’t at an ending. Just keep looking remember you are sometimes at the mercy of dice rolls under the covers and may not get what you need the first time entering a room.

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