Dominus et Servi [v0.070] By SuccubusSoftware

SuccubusSoftware Games released a new game called Dominus et Servi and the version is 0.070. The game’s story is about We follow a secret society, Dominus et Servi. These people want the new laws to pass and have agreed to run, the test facilities in Nevada and Louisiana for the government. It is in Nevada that our story begins, where it ends is up to you. You will be enjoying this game from Logan’s as well as several women’s points of view.

This visual novel is set in a future world where the government is in conflict. Crime has reached an all time high and the government argues over the best way to deal with the problem. Many of the country’s leaders believe that the only way to, deal with the growing number of criminals is to enslave them instead of sending them to prison. The other side fights against these changes on the grounds that it is not humane. A compromise was reached to allow 2 states to conduct a trial run at, allowing criminals to indenture themselves instead of going to prison. What would you choose?? 20 years in prison, where you never, know what is going to happen or 10 years indentured to a wealthy benefactor.

File Size:1.19 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.070 Change-log:

— New —

  • Ravens & Mystiques lines Complete
  • Hotel done up to next Choice
  • Main Menu Updated to Animated background
  • 2 New songs and various SFX added

— Bug-fixes & Changes—

  • Added missing SFX in hotel scene in the “Punish her Tits” line
  • Fixed bug where Sex SFX would continue playing even when scenes were skipped
  • Removed Return to Choice menu at end of paths due to large amounts of bugs and glitches
  • Fixed bug where lizzy’s name appeared in two different colors
  • Changed various Characters name colors
  • Removed Specializzies

Developer Notes:

Logan is a tough and cold hearted person. Haunted by the memories of things that happened in his childhood he closes himself off. He only believes in lust and passion. Not believing that anyone will ever love him for who he is. Is there anyone who can break through his tough exterior? Can any woman ever make him believe in love?

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