Destination Delirium [v0.10] By CyberScherzo Studios

CyberScherzo Studios Games released a new game called Destination Delirium and the version is 0.10. The game’s story is about Lucky you! You’ve managed to snag yourself an all-expenses-paid extended luxury vacation at Destination Delirium, a planet-sized resort and theme park famous across the multiverse for its beautiful scenery, state-of-the-art attractions, and massively decadent orgies. All you had to do was volunteer to help them test out an experimental morph suit, but getting shapeshifting powers feels more like the icing on the cake than some kind of catch.​

Developer:CyberScherzo Studios
File Size:153.7 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

0.10 first public release: Part of the starting hotel location is explorable, Felia’s first tier fight added.

Developer Notes:

Currently working on content roadmap and giving patrons ways to pick out what characters/fetishes get added. The whole scenario is pretty open ended, though we already have a lot of content planned. I almost regret picking this title because I keep spelling delirium wrong and one day spellcheck won’t save me. The patron version currently has three sex scenes the free public one doesn’t.

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