Demon Maid’s Luna [Final] By TarariLabo

TarariLabo Games released a new game called Demon Maid’s Luna and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Luna a maid that serves the demon Kron. She once spent romantic days with her perverted master, but one day, Kron was abducted by monsters. To rescue her master from captivity, she braves a dungeon fraught with monsters!​

File Size:174.1 MB
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Developer Notes:

TarariLabo’s first action game! A 2d action game featuring a maid with huge breasts. Intuitive controls! “Dodge and counterattack!” Most enemies can be defeated this way. Gamepad support! Of course, the keyboard can also be used. Japanese and English supported! This can be changed in the settings menu in-game. (Voices are only in Japanese.)

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