Delivery Pilot Dreams and Debts [v0.8] By Acac

Acac Games released a new game called Delivery Pilot Dreams and Debts and the version is 0.8. The game’s story is about She’s a private pilot for hire. But she also has a massive debt. Help her clear her debt and become a free woman. Delivery Pilot is a reverse dating sim, where the protagonist must offer lewd favors to build relationships and thus make money. Each week, she has to repay part of her loan, and the amount grows each time. Can she make money fast enough to clear her debt?

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Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.8:

  1. Artwork: Added 3rd and final doll art view, focused on her legs.
  2. Artwork: Added 4 new silhouettes for new scenes.
  3. Scenes: Added 9 new scenes for the sleazy male officers. These are a range of scenes that are unlocked from relationship levels 2 through 8, culminating in sexual intercourse. Relationship level 10 does not unlock new scenes, but it does add variations to the scenes being added.
  4. Mechanics: You can now only have a relationship level 10 with one officer. After that is agreed upon, all other officers are capped to relationship level 9.
  5. Minor UI and balance adjustments.

Developer Notes:

Check out more of MutantPrawn‘s artwork here! (NSFW)

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