Dating Amy: Part 1 [v1.0] By GDS

GDS Games released a new game called Dating Amy: Part 1 and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about Play as Travis and pop Amy’s cherry or fail miserably at it while chasing her sister. Amy is a sweet, naive 21 years old exchange student from Japan attending classes at Travis college. She never really thought about guys until you showed up in her life. You have multiple choices and possible dates. Try your best, but fail; someone else may take her from you. This is a finished game, having several meetings/dates until you reach one of the many possible outcomes. The games ends on an EXTRA date that, if voted, will be added to a second full game to come later this year.

File Size:2.00 GB
game details

Developer Notes:

  • Full finished game
  • Play as Travis
  • Linear story with multiple Branches and ending deepening in your choice
  • Amy -Kaoru -Kaylee -Trevis’s mom are the mian target girls( there are a few more)
  • You can have up to two in a single playthrough)
  • 18 New scenes, + 2 remakes
  • Amy and her Sister now change Clothes make up etc, depending where they are(like Chloe on her games)

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