Cure My Addiction [Ch.5 Ep.1 C] By TheGary

TheGary Games released a new game called Cure My Addiction and the version is Ch.5 Ep.1 C. The game’s story is about One day my parents found out that I was spending a little too much time watching porn. They considered this a serious problem and decided to do something about it. Let’s not mince words, it was an addiction in their minds.

Finally, they came to the conclusion that I needed a change of scenery and made me leave the house! I was sent alone on Uncle’s yacht without a phone, TV or even a computer. This was their plan to “Cure My Addiction”.

File Size:1.10 GB
Version:Ch.5 Ep.1 C
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Patch B:

  • Fix an infinite loop during a spanking that was possible in some cases.

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Chapter 5

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