Crisis Point: Extinction [v0.47] By Anon42

Anon42 Games released a new game called Crisis Point: Extinction and the version is 0.47. The game’s story is about Crisis Point: Extinction a lewd platformer Metroidvania game in which you play as headstrong military soldier Alicia as she explores a mysterious alien planet. Set in the not-too-distant future, mankind has finally discovered the secrets to long-distance space travel and, in their haste to explore the stars, are infected with a virus that alters the Y chromosome in developing infants, causing all children to be born female.

As Alicia, you must outwit, outshoot, and outlast the various creatures lurking on and below the planet’s surface as she locates survivors and explores deep caves, ancient ruins, alien jungles, and more, all while searching for a cure to save humanity.​

File Size:166.6 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Crisis Point: Extinction v0.47 Major Changes and Features:
  • The ability to recolor Alicia using unlockable color palettes has been added
  • Some H-scenes were given an update/overhaul (like the Warped Soldier H-scenes)
  • Alicia’s gun’s design and color scheme now changes based on your equipped blaster chips
  • A new trigger type has been added, the Snipe Trigger (no unique visual yet; our plans for this one are a bit more unique than the others so it’ll have to wait until v0.48)
  • All cutscenes have been updated with dynamic camera movement and zooms, to make them more cinematic and interesting
  • All cutscenes have been added to a Gallery in the main menu, for easy re-viewing
  • Zoom during H-scenes has been updated to zoom smoothly instead of instantly

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